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Since 2011, we have been commissioned to capture some of the most treasured times in our clients lives.

At VMweddings studio, we take great pride in providing the very best imagery possible.  We emphasize on creating elegant works of art that become your family’s heirloom lasting for generations.  Your imagery is the one investment that allows you, your family and friends to relive your memories for years to come.

VMweddings Films

 We just don't shoot video, we create cinematic works of art, filming your wedding day producing stunning imagery capturing your wedding memories for generations.  Every wedding is treated with the care and vision not found with other studios.  We take pride in offering unique and elegant wedding cinematography.

VMweddings Photography

It is not about just taking pictures.  We create elegant imagery while making your unforgettable moments unique to you.  We are determined to give our clients the type of photography that stands the test of time becoming your family’s heirloom that you can past down from generation to generation.

Limited Availability

We only reserve a limited number of sessions per year.  This allows us to devote our attention and to commit ourselves to creating imagery with a high standard of quality.  Contact us today to schedule a meeting to talk all about your wedding day.


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